Jewish Heritage Walking Tours

Jewish Heritage Walking Tours in Budapest - 1 day

Having the opportunity to Delve into Hungary’s Jewish history, makes a fascinating addition to any Budapest city tour. Explore Budapest’s Jewish Quarter on a guided tour, and visit synagogues such as the Dohany Street Synagogue, one of the largest synagogues of Europe or the Kazinczy Street Synagogue, and the Rumbach Street Synagogue, and discover their important role in the Jewish community.
Visit the  former World War II Jewish ghetto and Holocaust Memorial Park.
Visit  landmarks like the Carl Lutz Memorial, the Gozsdu Courtyard, and the Tree of Life.
Sample treats such as palinka (fruit brandy) and flodni (apple, poppy seed, and walnut pastries) in some of the city’s popular kosher bakeries.
Learn about Jewish history and culture at the Jewish Museum.
Enjoy a traditional Hungarian buffet lunch with fine views over the Budapest skyline on a Danube River cruise.

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